Matrix Pharma

Extracting knowledge out of Data

Matrix Pharma solves real world problems using advanced data analysis techniques.  Matrix Pharma uses proprietary computational algorithms that evolve and adapt to extract previously hidden knowledge from data – knowledge which can be used to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Matrix Pharma makes no assumptions about the data, and use no information about its structure or any underlying relationship (s) to the area of interest.  Working from a completely unbiased perspective, Matrix Pharma’s technology reveals unique insights that exist with the data, identifying relationships that elude conventional data analysis method.

Matrix Pharma has focused the application of its technology on two critical areas of interest to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

drug discovery

Matrix Pharma’s approach to drug discovery is called Computer Assisted Drug DIScovery (CADDIS).

With its proprietary technology and unique approach.  Matrix Pharma has pioneered a paradigm shift in drug discovery and development, and has proven that it can deliver better targeted drug candidates more quickly and cost effectively than the industry’s current process.

research data analysis

Matrix Pharma’s Research Data Analysis (RDA) service is able to unlock previously hidden knowledge about drugs that are either marketed or still in development.

Matrix Pharma applies its proprietary computational tools to the analysis of clinical research and other drug development data to uncover relationships within the datasets that elude traditional statistical methods.

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